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Kicca's Wicked Waters & Oils

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Kicca’s love of flowers, fragrance and natural remedies can be traced back to her Italian childhood. Growing up in Rome, Kicca’s Puglian grandmother taught her how to cure most of her childhood ailments with fresh products from nature, passing on the folk wisdom of southern Italy, where women traditionally utilise their gardens for home-made remedies before consulting a doctor. Kicca carried this love of hand-created potions into her adult life in London and a busy career as an art director, photographer and tango dancer. She continued her grandmother’s tradition of making her own health and beauty remedies from natural sources in her kitchen in London. Now living back in Italy in the magical land of the ancient Etruscans, Kicca spent the first lockdown of 2020 harvesting blooms from her garden and perfecting her method of making floral waters. ‘I found the whole process of choosing and making the different flower waters so absorbing and healing during that difficult time, that I became interested in finding out more about the properties of the different flowers, and how they can help us.’ And now, in response to demand from friends, Kicca is making these healing and evocatively fragrant waters available to everyone.

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