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Heavenly.Dolce has a special meaning in the hearts of its owners, as all their recipes hold a special childhood memory for them! Growing up in an Italian household has not only taught them so much about the kitchen but the love that goes into homemade cooking. Their recipes are carried down by two special ladies, which have been their inspiration and driving force behind starting this small business!

Heavenly.Dolce is in honour of their two guardian angels, Nonna Gioia (Victoria’s Nonna) & Zia Anna (Diana’s mom). Victoria & Diana (due cugini), alongside the help of Marianna, work as a team in the kitchen carrying on family traditions! They know their angels are watching over them, thanking them for living their dream! Their goal is to have all of you taste a little piece of heaven with each bite of their delicious cookies! Their pull-apart olive bread is made by Victoria and her mom, Marianne.

The foundation behind their business is family - La famiglia è tutto, è il tuo mondo!


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